°knick medium

°knick medium

by Bart Lens


Aluminium, Powdercoated


Catalog-Eden Design 2020_online V6
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NEW Spotlight in brass.

This spotlight from the °on line track system comes in the classic white and black. It is now available in anodised aluminum finishes, in the colours aluminum, brass and (dark) bronze, to give a special touch to your interior.

KNICK Small is a spotlight with antiglare louvre, with options of beam angles of 10°, 25° or 35°. Further, an opal (‘Frosted Ice’)or microprism diffuser are also possible. With the lenses, the KNICK Small is a powerful spotlight. When using the diffusers, you obtain an angle of 90° and more diffused light.

The KNICK Small turn has the same look, but can be rotated around its axis. This allows to accentuate even more with the spotlight.

The power of this light source lies in its slenderness and unobtrusiveness; the simplicity of the fixtures’ design makes that you can use it anywhere. It can be built-in, surface mounted, or suspended from the ceiling. An innovative and state-of-the-art magnet and contact system make that a wide variety of LED fixtures can be inserted and moved.


Bart Lens