by Bart Lens


Aluminium, Powdercoated


Catalog-Eden Design 2020_online V6
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Meet °in, linear track light of the °on line magnetic track system.

This °in fixture becomes one with the °on line track, to create beautiful lines of light. Its opal diffuser creates a strong, 90° angle of light.

Also, °in has several sizes: 143mm, 286mm, 572mm, 858mm and 1144mm.

Moreover, the multiple dimming options (DALI, 0-10V, 1-10V, switchDIM, Casambi, Google Home and Amazon Alexa) allow to create the desired atmosphere with this linear track light.

The power of this light source lies in its slenderness and unobtrusiveness; the simplicity of the fixtures’ design makes that it can be used anywhere. Possible mounting types are recessed, mounted on the ceiling or suspended. An innovative and state-of-the-art magnet and contact system make that you can insert and move a wide variety of LED fixtures.


Bart Lens