°tubu long

°tubu long

by Bart Lens




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°tubu long is a pendant track head of the On line system with the new generation Line S tracks.

The °tubu long is, as it’s name says, a long, tubular fixture, suspended from the track.

On the other hand, the °tubu long also comes as a monopoint with a recessed ceiling rose.

With the narrow tube, this pendant track head has a light beam of 10°. A combination of several °tubu long fixtures side by side on a track or as monopoints can create a special atmosphere above a (side)table for example.

The power of this light source lies in its slenderness and unobtrusiveness; the simplicity of the fixtures’ design makes that you can use it anywhere. Either built-in, surface mounted, or hung from the ceiling. An innovative and state-of-the-art magnet and contact system make that a wide variety of LED fixtures can be inserted and moved.




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