Eden Design opens showroom in NYC

Eden Design opens showroom in NYC

Posted on 06/07/2019

The Genk producer of design lighting, Eden Design, has recently entered into a partnership with Wing Partners in Manhattan, New York.

Wing Partners is an importer and distributor of glass partitions and doors for office buildings, and established LUMARTES for this partnership, which will sell the lighting from Eden Design.

The LUMARTES showroom, fully and exclusively furnished with the lighting of Eden Design, is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan on the 22nd floor and has a surface of more than 600m². Clients overlook the nearby Empire State Building, One World Trade Center and have a beautiful view of Manhattan.

Eden Design sells its lighting on a global level and is more than 90% export-oriented. For example, the Dior Homme boutiques were furnished worldwide with the ° On-line magnetic rail system.

The materials used in the design of the new ° Bloc, especially walnut, brass and marble, fit perfectly with the current trends followed by interior designers in New York.

With this partnership, Eden Design responds to the increasing demand for their lighting on the American market, which is partly the result of the wave of luxury residential projects in and around New York. High-end design lighting is specified in these projects by local and international architects. Many other designer lighting brands have also established themselves in the city.

Offering a local showroom and technical support in New York brings Eden Design closer to the interior designers and architects who specify their design.

Next month a showroom with exclusive Eden Design lighting will open in the Netherlands.