°Xl(amp) large

°Xl(amp) large

by Bart Lens


Steel, Polyester


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The XL(amp) was initially designed to mark the edge of a fair booth and simultaneously present images on the inside. The lamp shade foil is foldable. This allows for easy transport and makes it possible to cover the lamp with a photo film. The lamp, by virtue of its size, defines its own space.





Bart Lens

(°1959) The designs of Bart Lens excel in their simplicity and elicit both a tangible and visual impact. Bart Lens is the founder of Lens°Ass studio, and works on projects from architecture and interior design to product and concept development. He designed for companies such as Moome, Jongform, Eden Design but was also asked to guide BKRK into another era. He took on the job as curator of the site with the main goal of bringing back the artisan craftmanship of long ago.