by Bart Lens




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A synthetic drape forms a covered table and at the same time a table structure. Entirely resembling a starched blank tablecloth, but manufactured in self-supporting blank plastic. Optionally, rechargeable light modules are available so that the tables can be placed wireless everywhere. After seven hours the tables announce the end of the party. Time to recharge!




Bart Lens

(°1959) The designs of Bart Lens excel in their simplicity and elicit both a tangible and visual impact. Bart Lens is the founder of Lens°Ass studio, and works on projects from architecture and interior design to product and concept development. He designed for companies such as Moome, Jongform, Eden Design but was also asked to guide BKRK into another era. He took on the job as curator of the site with the main goal of bringing back the artisan craftmanship of long ago.