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Aluminium, Powdercoated, Brass, Walnut, Oak


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°Multip is extremely versatile in terms of technology and design. Different modules allow you to combine light, audio, motion detection and smoke detection within the same product and look. The modules can be connected with an innovative connection platform which distributes power and data. This also offers the flexibility to add additional modules after the installation is finished, if required. Different finishes with premium materials like ultrathin marble, wood, metal and leather allow you to create over 100 different combinations to match your interior.

The light module includes a directable LED spot with different options of light beam and colour. The antiglare design results in an UGR below 19 offering a good visual comfort. The speaker module can be connected to the amplifier of your desired AV system, for example SONOS, popular all over the world. The motion detection is available with KNX or DALI control to integrate in your smart home system.

All modules can be installed alone, or combined with others offering the freedom to form a unique combination.


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