°LEDit-bi low

°LEDit-bi low

by Stan Maes


Aluminium, Powdercoated, Brass, Oak, PMMA


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This wall lamp emphasizes both with its light and with the design of the luminaire. The LEDit-bi shines in two directions (bi-directional). The luminaire is made of two materials (Bi-material). The aluminum profile surrounds a foil that can be adapted to your style and interior in terms of material and color. The light sources are standard and available everywhere. With the LEDit-bi high the aluminum profile is in the middle, with the LEDit-bi low there is a broader band of foil in the middle.


Stan Maes

(°1974) studied product design at the LUCA School of Arts (Genk, Belgium) where, later on, he also teaches and signs responsible for the department. Through practices all over Europe he lands at Kiska, Austria´s biggest design office in Salzburg. After 10 years, he returns to his roots in Belgium. Since 2010, the gathered experience is applied in various projects for different clients, reaching from technical laser devices to luxury products like hunting guns or audio speakers.
Stan Maes has been rewarded for his work already several times. Three IF Awards and a Red Dot Award; just to name the most important ones.

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