°plug & play

With our newest product, an infinitely modular lighting system, we plug into the Belgian mining’s past. With designer Frits Jeuris we present °plug, a minimalistic tubular fitting.
°plug is so much more than a modular light line. It is an ode to the energy continuously passing through a tubular system, which you grab onto accordingly.

up & down light

16mm / 360°

The very slim tube gives your interior a unique look. All the elements can be rotated 360°, allowing a creative and functional light design.

up to 200 lm

In the grid

All elements of °plug are 150mm or a multiple of it.
They were literally designed ‘in a grid’.
This allows to easily customize creations for your interior.

The story

Designer Frits Jeuris talking
about his inspiration for °plug

Spot curve

One of the 3 lighting elements of °plug is
°spot curve, a subtile downlight spot.
Several colors of anodized aluminum to choose

Oval & linear

Different types of curves allow to
design beautiful oval compositions.

On the wall

With the wall brackets you can create long linear wall compositions.


Combining lighting elements with stylish angular
and connecting elements can make a bespoke
grid, adapted to your requirements.

Infinite possibilities

Any size, straight or rounded corners, as much or as
little light as you wish, only linear light tubes or with
°spot T lights, the possibilities are infinite.

The jack

The name °plug clearly refers to the ‘jack plug’, an electrical plug connection that we all know from, among other things, headphones.


It is this simple switching principle of the concentric plug that forms the base of the luminous as well as atmospheric light line.

Download the lookbook

°plug might become your new eyecatcher…


Wondering how °plug looks in an interior? Looking for a few more details?

Download our new lookbook for inspiration, it might give you some good ideas!